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Trackmobile Viking Web

Essentially a more compact version of the Hercules, the Viking is Trackmobile’s smallest model. That being said, it is extremely resilient and more than capable of handling your railcar needs. Best suited for lower duty cycle applications, this model gets the job done in a quick, safe fashion.

At a total weight of 34,400 pounds, the Viking can supply 27,000 pounds of tractive effort when single coupled and up to an astonishing 42,700 pounds when double coupled. The unit offers the same ergonomically designed cab as the Hercules, but measures in at just 12’ 8” in length – more than a whole foot shorter than the Hercules.

With the Viking, operators and technicians have three access points to the body frame deck, a cross over deck, and floating axles. In addition to those features, the Viking boasts everything people have come to expect from a Trackmobile unit including, but not limited to, a full LED lighting package, Safe-T-Vue™ 360° Camera Systems, In-cab Train Air Controls, On-board diagnostics, and an UltraView 7” Bright Color Display.

Trackmobile Titan Web

Since Trackmobile brought the Titan railcar mover to market back in 2006, it has been the companies most popular model. Designed for optimal operator safety and comfort, this 50,900-pound unit is engineered to handle severe rail conditions and high duty cycle applications.

The Titan has a tractive effort output of 33,100 pounds when single coupled and can exert as much as 49,500 pounds of tractive effort when double coupled. Measuring in at just 16 feet and 9 inches long, this mobile railcar mover packs a serious punch.

Additionally, as with all Trackmobile models, the Titan features a number of cutting edge technological amenities such as an UltraView 7” Bright Color Display, CAN-Bus Control Systems, In-Cab Train Air Controls, Safe-T-Vue™ 360° Camera System and a Full LED lighting package throughout the cab, as well as LEDs mounted on the front, rear and underneath of the body for maximum visibility at all times.

Trackmobile Hercules Web

Trackmobile’s mid-capacity mobile railcar mover, the Hercules, sports a Tier III and Tier IV, 6-cylinder engine for optimal performance. According to market research, the Hercules falls in line with the most popular class of machine.

Through the use of floating axles, the Hercules can ensure that all 4 rail contacts are constant. Additionally, as a model exclusive option, this Trackmobile unit can be ordered with a ballasted frame or a wide cab – providing a level of flexibility not typically associated with mobile railcar movers.

At 36,500 pounds, the Hercules provides 28,400 pounds of tractive effort when single coupled and 44,700 pounds when double coupled.

Much like its counterparts, the Trackmobile Hercules sports top of the line technology and parts. Standard features include a Safe-T-Vue™ 360° Camera System, 100 cfm air compressor, floating axles, a CAN-Bus Control System, on-board diagnostics, and an air-ride high-back swivel seat for operator comfort and accessibility.

However, in addition to everything that the basic model offers, the Hercules wide-cab features a cross over deck, seating for three, is available in three widths, two cab heights, and can operate in areas with space restrictions.

Trackmobile Atlas Web

The Atlas from Trackmobile is their highest capacity unit; exerting a maximum tractive effort of 62,000 pounds when double coupled. Considered to be Trackmobile’s flagship model, the Atlas is designed to handle heavy duty cycle applications and is optimized for the most severe rail conditions.

At 83,500 pounds in weight and 18 feet and 3 inches in length, the Atlas is a durable railcar mover with the capabilities to pull long lines of cars, as well as traverse rough conditions when necessary. The heavy-duty mine service foam filled tries ensure that your operation won’t come to a halt due to terrain complications, while the MAX-Tran and MAX-Trac systems keep your Trackmobile wheels in peek condition – all the while enhancing performance and safety.

Furthermore, as is standard in all Trackmobile models, the Atlas is equipped with cutting edge technology such as the Safe-T-Vue™ 360° Camera System, on-board touch screen displays, and a real-time diagnostics system to assist with proactive maintenance.

Trackmobile mobile railcar movers are the most innovative machines in the industry, with higher operational efficiency, lower maintenance costs, longer service life, and a better safety record than other equipment in the market. With nearly 70% of the U.S. and 65% of the global market share, Trackmobile is the recognized worldwide leader in the industry. As an authorized dealer, Taylor Northeast is proud to offer all of Trackmobile's models: the Atlas, Titan, Hercules, and Viking.

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