SC750 and SC800 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers

Advance SC750 - SC800

The Advance SC750 and SC800 are the newest walk-behind floor scrubbers in Taylor Northeast's arsenal of cleaning equipment. These midsize walk-behinds are productive, rugged, low-maintenance machines designed with an emphasis on value. The SC750 and SC800 come with a variety of powerful options including the Advance EcoFlex System and your choice of disc or cylindrical scrub heads.

Choosing the Model That's Right for You

Advance SC750 and SC800 Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers2What differentiates these walk-behind floor scrubber machines? The SC750 features a 26-to-28 inch scrub path, while the SC800 features a larger 34 inch scrub path and the ability to clean up to 50,900 square feet of floor per hour. The SC800 is also available with the EcoFlex Cleaning System for added versatility. 

Whether it's routine scrubbing of high-traffic areas, a spill that requires immediate attention or an old stain that needs an extra-deep cleaning, the SC750 and SC800 are built to take on any surface. And with whisper-quiet 61 decibel output, both models can be used anytime without disturbing others nearby, even during peak business hours.

The Features You Need, When You Need Them

A walk-behind floor scrubber with features you don't need is a wasted investment, which is why the Advance SC750 and SC800 are customized to fit your unique cleaning applications.  Choose between disc and cylindrical brush heads, cleaning path widths, onboard or shelf charging systems and more to meet your everyday cleaning needs.

Additional features include gray, non-marking solid tires for superior traction, easy-to-change brushes and an ergonomic Soft-Touch paddle system for maximum efficiency.

Save Time, Money and the Environment with EcoFlex

The optional EcoFlex System, available on the SC800 model, offers complete control over scrubbing, water and detergent functions via its four modes: "Water Only," "Ultra-Low Detergent," "Standard" and "Burst of Power."

EcoFlex's real-time flexibility means less of everything you don't want, like water and detergent use, and more of everything you do, like longer runtimes and cleaner surfaces. With the power of EcoFlex, it's never been easier to be environmentally conscious while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene at your facility.

Lower Maintenance + Longer Duty Cycles = A Higher Bottom Line

The SC750 and SC800 walk-behind floor scrubbers are built to be low-maintenance, high-value machines that will quickly provide a return on your investment. High productivity means longer continuous use -- up to 84 minutes -- which results in less dump/refill cycles and lets you do more scrubbing.

The SC750 and SC800 allow you to accomplish more with fewer machines, fewer chemicals and fewer overhead costs. For meeting today's ever more demanding cleaning challenges, these walk-behind floor scrubbers are leading the charge.

Discover more solutions from the leading name in industrial cleaning technology. View our full product lines of Advance floor scrubbing machines for additional information and resources.

Taylor Northeast can help you rent or own the Advance SC750 or SC800 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber today. We supply the machine, the training and the flexibility to get the job done -- all you need to supply is the manpower. Call 1-800-762-2500 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Downloadable Resources

Informational Videos

Common Applications

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Chemical Plants
  • Department Stores
  • Distribution Centers

Key Specifications

  • Clean up to 50,900 square feet per hour
  • Scrub paths of up to 34 inches
  • 21 or 25 gallon solution tank
  • 21 or 25 gallon recovery tank
  • Up to 3.4 mph scrubbing speed 
  • Ultra-quiet 61 decibel operating sound level
  • Optional EcoFlex cleaning technology
  • Onboard or shelf charger available
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