SC900 Walk-Behind Scrubber

Advance SC900 Walk-Behind Scrubber

Designed to be a simple, straight to the point cleaning machine, the SC900 large walk-behind scrubber is easy to understand and operate. Advance’s goal when creating this scrubber was to remove all of the unnecessary complexities that are often associated with floor cleaning equipment – something that they undoubtedly accomplished with this machine.

Instead of having a complex, heavily saturated user interface, this unit has a small selection of buttons and knobs that control everything. Simple mechanical deck levers, as well as mechanical scrub and vacuum levers, makes for a more reliable, easier to understand scrubber.

While ease of use was certainly a priority when designing the SC900, Advance also focused on creating a machine that was both low in maintenance and cost. They opted to remove the control board from the unit, which eliminates costly repairs throughout the unit’s life.

The low cost of ownership and ease of use that the SC900 brings to the table, make it one of the best floor scrubbers on the market today. Available with 28-inch discs, 34-inch discs, or 32-inch cylindrical brushes, this machine is capable of cleaning facilities of varying sizes.

This easy-to-use scrubber has a 30-gallon solution tank, as well as a 32-gallon recovery tank. With a maximum scrub speed of 3.2 mph, the SC900 has maximum productivity rates of between 28,028-34,034 square feet per hour, depending on the model that is selected.

Simply put, the SC900 large walk-behind scrubber from Advance provides all the necessary cleaning power in a compact, cost-effective package.

Downloadable Resources

Informational Videos

Typical Applications

  • Beverage Distributors
  • General Warehouses
  • Government Buildings
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Municipalities
  • Processing Plants
  • Transportation Facilities
Key Specs
  • 30-gallon Solution Tank
  • 32-gallon Recovery Tank
  • 2 mph Max Scrub & Transport Speed
  • Up to 200 pounds of Down Pressure
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