Tow Tractors

Durable and Dependable

When you think of "towing," you envision the force required to move an object. That's why Taylor Northeast offers the largest and best in class to meet your crucial towing requirements. Taylor Northeast offers configurations to meet specific application requirements, from the most rugged transporting needs to low-level order picking.

All Mercury tow tractors feature a one - piece welded frame designed to protect components through a long service life, with reinforcement at high stress areas. Leaf spring suspension on drive axle, with bronze bushings is a feature unique to A & G Mercury tow tractors. This provides a smooth ride and reduces shock loads to the drive train system.

The steering system on this model is like no other in the industry. Combined with the standard Tilt/Telescoping Steering Column and two gear boxes, the unit was designed so there is little effort to steer.

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