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The Atlas from Trackmobile is their highest capacity unit; exerting a maximum tractive effort of 62,000 pounds when double coupled. Considered to be Trackmobile’s flagship model, the Atlas is designed to handle heavy duty cycle applications and is optimized for the most severe rail conditions.

At 83,500 pounds in weight and 18 feet and 3 inches in length, the Atlas is a durable railcar mover with the capabilities to pull long lines of cars, as well as traverse rough conditions when necessary. The heavy-duty mine service foam filled tries ensure that your operation won’t come to a halt due to terrain complications, while the MAX-Tran and MAX-Trac systems keep your Trackmobile wheels in peek condition – all the while enhancing performance and safety.

Furthermore, as is standard in all Trackmobile models, the Atlas is equipped with cutting edge technology such as the Safe-T-Vue™ 360° Camera System, on-board touch screen displays, and a real-time diagnostics system to assist with proactive maintenance.

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