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Since Trackmobile brought the Titan railcar mover to market back in 2006, it has been the companies most popular model. Designed for optimal operator safety and comfort, this 50,900-pound unit is engineered to handle severe rail conditions and high duty cycle applications.

The Titan has a tractive effort output of 33,100 pounds when single coupled and can exert as much as 49,500 pounds of tractive effort when double coupled. Measuring in at just 16 feet and 9 inches long, this mobile railcar mover packs a serious punch.

Additionally, as with all Trackmobile models, the Titan features a number of cutting edge technological amenities such as an UltraView 7” Bright Color Display, CAN-Bus Control Systems, In-Cab Train Air Controls, Safe-T-Vue™ 360° Camera System and a Full LED lighting package throughout the cab, as well as LEDs mounted on the front, rear and underneath of the body for maximum visibility at all times.

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