UniCarriers Tow Tractors

T-style, adjustable steer head combined with cushioned platform and fully padded compartment provide an impressive workplace to achieve maximum operator comfort and reduced fatigue resulting in sustained productivity. The steer head’s wide, 190º steering arc allows for precise maneuvering in tight spaces with minimal effort. Its ergonomic layout of soft touch switches includes two large thumbactuated butterfly speed controls for simple operation.

TGX Walkie/Rider Tow Tractor

Roomy, low profile compartment (8.8" platform height) permits easy entry/exit and walk-through. A cushioned platform mat provides added comfort. The truck’s standard coast control offers increased efficiency by allowing the truck to coast for more efficient order picking.

UniCarriers Tug

Actuated by switches conveniently located on either side of the control head, the sidetracker feature allows the operator to walk beside the truck while performing low-level order picking, for greater efficiency and productivity.

Applications: Versatile solution in rider applications pulling cart/trailer trains and as walkie for order selection; Ideal for pharmaceutical industry needs


  • 5.2 HP brushless AC drive motor
  • Adjustable steerhead
  • Coast control and integrated sidetracker
  • Automatic jaw coupler with foot release
  • Padded front wall and operator backrest
  • Electronic brake system with push button release
  • Sealed switches and logic boards for operation in coolers
  • Variety of options extra available
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