LOK 7.90 E / 10.90 E / 13.90 E

The Zephir LOK E line, with models such as the 7.90 E, 10.90 E, and the 13.90 E, has revolutionized the rail-to-road industry. Equipped with two electrical motors to ensure consistent power and reliability, these mobile railcar movers are perfectly suited to handle the strenuous day-to-day activities expected of them during cross terminal movements.

This line of rail-to-road vehicles proves that fully electric units can pull large loads in a clean, non-polluting fashion. The Zephir 7.90 E weighs in at 16 tons with a maximum towing capacity of 1,400 tons. The 10.90 E, which falls directly in between the 7.90 E and the 13.90 E in terms of weight and towing capacity, is a 20-ton unit capable of pulling 2,000 tons. At 24 tons in weight and with a maximum towing capacity of 2,600 tons, the 13.90 E is the largest, most powerful unit in the LOK family.

Features and Accessories

  • Radio remote controls, interlock, ground operator safety remote control
  • Pneumatic braking system
  • “Artic pack” to protect against cold climates
  • High temperature pack
  • In-railing and on-hook video camera systems
  • Custom paint and stickers available
  • Extended warranty
  • Wide variety of hooks, couplers and tow bars
  • Short-circuit signaling system along with distance proximity sensors
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