Gradall Mill Maintenance

Taylor Northeast is proud to offer industry-leading Gradall steel and aluminum mill maintenance machines. With their legendary 360-degree continuous tilt booms and superior durability, the machines in the Gradall XL Series are highly adaptable mill maintenance solutions that hold up to the daily rigors of your mill operation. Whether it’s furnace teardowns, dross skimming, BOF maintenance, pot cleaning, or tap hole drilling, Gradall has the attachments and heavy-duty construction you need to get the job done.

Taylor Northeast has the entire series of Gradall XL vehicles, all backed by our superior service and parts support. To learn more about what Gradall and Taylor Northeast can do for you, call 1-800-762-2500.

Mill Maintenance

With its world-famous 360-degree continuous tilt boom, the Gradall XL Series is capable of getting into the tightest, most hard-to-reach areas at your facility. Undercarriage options include wheeled and crawler models, and every Gradall XL has huge range of attachments for skulling, cleaning, removing and tapping, and more. Popular options include hydraulic and pneumatic hammers, tap hole drills, double tooth steel mill rippers, core drills, and excavating buckets up to 48 inches.

The XL Series is available in eight models that are built to handle the intense heat and vibration of metal mills. Rugged, precise, and time-tested, it’s time to put the XL Series to work for you.

Aluminum Skimming

Built to handle the rigors of aluminum furnace dross skimming, the XL4240 V and XL4340 V mill maintenance machines from Gradall are equipped with agile telescopic booms and multiple attachments to make pot cleaning and furnace teardowns fast and efficient. Undercarriage options include wheeled and tread types depending on the application.

The XL Series also provides exceptional operator visibility in all directions in an ergonomically designed, climate-controlled cab that is fully optimized for comfort and safety. To learn more about how Gradall can help your operators perform better, contact the team at Taylor Northeast.

Metal Mill Maintenance

Gradall is the industry-recognized leader in mill maintenance, and Taylor Northeast is proud to carry the XL Series of industrial maintenance and skimming machines. For more information on these versatile machines, call us at 800-762-2500 or click the button below to send us a message.