The Future of Clean: Liberty Autonomous Floor Scrubbers

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The engineers at Nilfisk-Advance know that cleanliness in the workplace has never been more important than today, which is why they have developed the Liberty SC50 and SC60 autonomous floor scrubbers. Capable of being operated by a trained sanitation employee or running independently with minimal human oversight, the Advance Liberty SC50 and SC60 floor scrubbers are set to revolutionize the floor cleaning process.

The benefits of a robotic floor scrubber are plentiful, but the biggest advantage over a traditional unit is that these machines do not require an operator to function after the initial setup, saving your company valuable time and freeing up your employees to tackle more hands-on cleaning projects.

Built on Smart Technology

The key to successfully launching an automated scrubber is the initial setup. These machines will map out and learn the exact route that you create, mimicking your cleaning patterns and speed. The Liberty SC50, which is modeled after small stand-on floor scrubbers, does so by using software from Carnegie Robotics.

The Liberty SC60, which was built for larger jobs typically handled by ride-on floor scrubbers, was built on Brain Corp’s powerful BrainOS, which happens to be the world’s most-broadly used autonomous operating system.

As mentioned above, Advance Liberty autonomous floor scrubbers are built with industry-leading software from Carnegie Robotics and Brain Corp, both of which are capable of detecting humans and obstacles within their cleaning paths. This state-of-the-art software ensures that the autonomous scrubbers do not hit or harm pedestrians that may wander into the cleaning path.


Let’s Talk Specs

Having touched on the technological aspects of these units, let us dive into the specs and cleaning capabilities of the Liberty autonomous floor scrubbers:

Engineered to clean smaller areas and narrow aisles, the Liberty SC50 is outfitted with a 15-gallon solution tank, a 14-gallon recovery tank, and a scrub path of 20 inches. You’ll notice some subtle differences between autonomous and manual modes, most notably in the operation speed and gradeability of the machine. When manually operated, the SC50 has a maximum travel speed of 3.2 mph and can tackle grades of up to 9%. When operating autonomously, travel speeds and gradeability top out at 2.35 mph and 2%, respectively.

The Liberty SC60, meanwhile, is perfect for facilities with sprawling floor plans. It is equipped with the largest scrub deck in the industry and has a 28-inch scrub path, 26.4-gallon solution tank, and a runtime of up to 5.5 hours. Quite a bit larger than the SC50, the Liberty SC60 is 66.7 inches long, 31.9 inches wide, and 57.4 inches tall.

To learn more about these revolutionary pieces of floor cleaning equipment and how they can improve the efficiency of your cleaning operations, contact your local Taylor Northeast representative today.

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