EPIQ Mecfor

EPIQ Mecfor specializes in custom lift trucks and attachments for industries like aluminum, metal, nuclear, mining, recycling, and rail. Recognized for its high standards, you can find EPIQ equipment in the harshest, most demanding environments, where they deliver sturdy and reliable performance that exceeds expectations.

A leader in the aluminum industry thanks to vehicles like the MTC and MVR series, Mecfor line of EPIQ machines are built to handle entire operation cycles from bauxite mining, to alumina refining, to potrooms, to casthouses, secondary mills, and more. Streamline your equipment fleet and reduce the number of vehicles at your facility with a multifunctional, optimized truck that can handle charging, skimming, tending, and dross removal of your furnaces as well as standard tasks.

As a proud EPIQ dealer, Taylor Northeast is able to provide our customers with full access to the entire lineup of innovative lift trucks and attachments. For more information on these unique and highly customizable vehicles, call us at 1-800-762-2500


Custom-Built Forging Vehicles

Forging vehicles and manipulators for heavy industry.

Custom-Made Equipment

Custom-made for any application.

MVR Series

Multifunctional vehicles with interchangeable tools built specifically for casthouses.

MTC Series

Metal hauling solutions for the aluminum industry.