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by Oct 29, 2020Blog

When we last sat down with Chuck Krug to talk industrial sweepers and scrubbers, he gave us an in-depth overview of squeegee care. This time, we’re talking about floorcare and the importance of regularly cleaning and polishing your floors.

“It’s one of the most important but overlooked facets of facility maintenance.” Chuck, vice-president of Taylor Northeast’s industrial cleaning equipment division, says of polishing concrete floors. “I cannot stress the importance of this enough. If you own your building, you should seriously consider polishing your concrete floors.”

Chuck adds, “This is a great way to rejuvenate your scratched up, worn out floors. You’re returning them to their former glory, really.”


How exactly does cleaning and polishing process improve the state of your floors? Chuck says that by properly prepping your floors with the right polishing attachment — Taylor Northeast exclusively uses Diamabrush — you are removing built up silica dust, a highly abrasive substance that worsens the state of your floors over time. This protects your floor while simultaneously prepping it for a finer polish.

Chuck says the ultimate polishing process, however, differs depending on the state and age of the floor in question. “You are going to approach an aging, open porous concrete floor differently than a brand new, well-tended floor that had been polished properly since day one.”

Getting an older floor up to snuff is a bit more involved, Chuck says. “You will be starting with a rough, low-grit concrete polishing head. You are likely to start at the 50-grit level, slowly transitioning to higher-grit attachments over time.”

On the flip side, if you are looking to keep your freshly poured and burnish troweled floors clean and polished, Chuck says you can start honing these floors with a floor scrubber from day one without any additional labor.

“At the end of the day you’re going to get a smoother, cleaner surface,” Chuck explains. “You are seeing all of the big box retailers and warehouses go this direction because it looks better, lasts longer, and provides a safer footing for customers and employees alike.”

As an authorized Advance and Diamabrush dealer, Taylor Northeast is uniquely equipped to handle all your floorcare needs. Within our expansive fleet is the crème de la crème of industrial floor cleaning equipment, the Advance 7765. This large ride-on combination sweeper-scrubber can be outfitted with an assortment of Diamabrush attachments to prep and restore your concrete floors.

To learn more about the floor polishing and restoration process or to inquire about available floor cleaning equipment, contact us today at 1-800-762-2500.

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