Advance – Proterra Ride-On Floor Sweeper


Advance Proterra Ride-On Floor Sweeper


The Proterra rider floor sweeper from Advance is dust and dirt’s worst enemy. Combine a wide sweeping path, high capacity hopper and innovative DustClear Five Stage Dust Control System and you have a machine capable of cleaning the dirtiest factories, warehouses, airports and parking lots in practically no time at all.

In the fight against dirt and dust, nothing performs like Advance’s exclusive DustClear Five-Stage Dust Control System. With optional DustGuard equipped, the DustClear system captures 90% of fugitive airborne dust and removes 98% of all micro-particles through special nanofiber filters. The Proterra also features the Liberator airflow restoration system, a unique variable frequency filter shaker which removes dust more effectively from the panel filter allowing for better air flow and overall dust control.

The Proterra is available in single or dual side broom configurations with a cleaning path up to 64-inches and an 11 cubic foot debris hopper. Dirt and debris can be dumped from the comfort and safety of the operator’s seat thanks to the hopper’s 62-inch variable dump height.

The Proterra is full of Advance’s latest technology, like Set-‘N’-Forget, which constantly adjusts the main sweep broom pressure as it wears, ensuring a consistent clean throughout the life of the brush.

Advance’s MaxAccess design philosophy means that routine maintenance on the Proterra is exactly that, making integral engine and hydraulic components easily accessible.

Other features include a large ergonomic operator compartment with Clear-View sight lines, simplified, intuitive single motion activation of the sweep system and comfort ride pneumatic tires.

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