Advance – SC1500 Industrial Stand-Up Scrubber


Advance SC1500 Industrial Stand-Up Scrubber


It handles like a walk-behind, but with the speed and convenience of a rider. It’s Advance’s most maneuverable industrial scrubber ever, the SC1500 stand-on is a compact and agile machine that won’t compromise on cleaning power.

With a 20-inch cleaning path and large 12.5-gallon recovery tank, the SC1500 can clean up to 26,400 square feet per hour. And thanks to its low flow rate, you can clean longer; up to 75 minutes without having to refill.

The SC1500 is simple to operate, which means less operator training, and features single button controls for detergent strength, brush pressure, vacuum and solution flow. A single GO pedal makes operation a breeze and safety features like a dead-man switch and high-traction polyurethane tires ensure peace of mind.

The SC1500’s quiet mode allows operation during the day time in noise sensitive areas or even around pedestrians, perfect for hospitals, grocery stores or sports arenas.

Maintenance is a snap thanks to the flip-up lid and tilt-back tank, which provides quick access to internal components, batteries and EcoFlex cartridges. The solution filter is accessible from the outside for easy cleaning and the handy front and rear fill ports allow for easy tank filing.

Standard features include Advance’s environmentally friendly EcoFlex system, which allows for single button control over detergent. Quickly switch between water-only cleaning, light and heavy settings depending on the situation. Need even more cleaning power? The SC1500’s “burst of power” mode can handle even the worst messes then quickly transition back to regular detergent, water and power levels.

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