Advance – SC900 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber


Advance SC900 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber


Advance’s largest walk-behind scrubber, the SC900 is a no-frills, cleaning powerhouse built to handle large industrial facilities where getting the job done right in a timely manner is paramount.

For the SC900, Advance went back to the basics of what makes a scrubber a scrubber: maximum clean at minimum cost. Absent complex electronics or fancy features, this battery powered electric walk-behind boast a low-cost of ownership and minimal maintenance costs, yet is easy to use and powerful enough for any industrial application.

With scrub heads up to 34-inches, the SC900 can handle up to 34,034 square feet per hour and features variable brush pressure up to 200 pounds, a 0.95 horsepower vacuum motor and 250 RPM or 900 RPM brush speed. The SC900 also features a large 30-gallon solution tank and 32-gallon recovery tank of maximum run times.

The SC900 is available in three different models: a 28-inch disc model, a 34-inch disc model or a 32-inch model with a cylindrical brush head.

Built with durability in mind, the SC900’s components are hand selected from top manufacturers and its powerful motors will provide years of trouble-free operation and performance. Scrub and vacuum levers are mechanical instead of electronic for increased reliability and the simplified user interface does away with confusing buttons and switches.

From processing plants and machine shops to food and beverage distributors, the SC900 thrives in the dirtiest and harshest cleaning conditions.

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