Advance – SW5500 Ride-On Floor Sweeper


Advance SW5500 Ride-On Floor Sweeper


Save time and money with the SW5500, Advance’s flagship rider floor sweeper.

The SW5500 is all about the needs of your business. Choose between an efficient hybrid LPG that offers powerful indoor cleaning and outdoor cleaning all in one compact package or the zero-emissions battery powered model.

With the SW5500’s Hybrid LPG model, you can clean longer, indoors or outdoors, up to 161,460 square feet in a single hour (with optional dual side brooms). And the SW5500’s massive 39.6-gallon hopper with high dump capability means even when you do run out of room, dumping can be done without even leaving your seat.

Go green with the SW5500’s zero-emission battery powered electric model. It offers the same great cleaning power and features of the hybrid model like a high dump 39.6-gallon hopper, along with non-marking tires and extra quiet performance geared for interior cleaning.

The SW5500 is all about safety. An intuitive user interface means there’s minimal need for complicated training and Advance’s Clear-View system ensures clear operator sightlines around the machine. The SW5500 also comes standard with auto speed reduction, which slows the machine on slopes and around tight corners and a hopper safety system that signals an alarm and reduces lifting speed if the machine is on a slope.

No matter which model you choose, the SW5500 offers tools-free replacement of brooms, brushes and filters for easy maintenance of wearables, optional side brooms and dust-guard system, which minimizes fugitive dust, a patent pending wear-compensating main broom system and LED headlights.

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