Advance – SW8000 Ride-On Floor Sweeper


Advance SW8000 Ride-On Floor Sweeper


Advance’s largest, most powerful sweeper, the SW8000 is the ultimate in indoor and outdoor cleaning. From diverse industrial applications like foundries and manufacturing plants to stadiums to schools grounds, this is a machine that can clean them all.

The SW8000’s class-leading 50-inch main broom only activates when the machine is in motion, reducing wear and extending longevity. With optional dual side brooms, the SW8000 boasts an incredible 77-inch sweep path. Add in a 14-cubic foot hopper with 60-inch high dump capability and you have a machine capable of cleaning the largest, dirtiest areas with ease.

Cleaning foundries, stadiums and manufacturing plants is a dirty, dusty job. That’s where Advance’s patented five stage DustClear system comes in.

Stage 1 – DustGuard: Advance’s DustGuard fog dust suppressant system controls rogue dust by spraying a light mist, increasing productivity by 71 percent.
Stage 2 – Vacuumized Main Broom Chamber: Captures all dust kicked up from the main broom.
Stage 3 – Airflow Labrynth: Helps remove 90% of dust from the air stream.
Stage 4 – Ultra-Web Nanofiber Filter: Removes 98% of all 0.3 – 1.0 micron particles in the air.
Stage 5 – Airflow Restoration System: The Liberator multi frequency vibration filter shaker clears dust from the filter, helping to remove dust and deliver near-HEPA filtration.
The SW8000 was built to last thanks to a non-corrosive molded hopper and bumper rated for collisions up to 5 miles per hour. But is easy to operate with single lever operation, Advance’s Clear-View design, which maximizes operator sightlines around the entire machine, and a seat activated safety bar.

Options include a litter vac, foam filled tires, strobe light, fully enclosed cab, side broom guards and a heavy duty front grill.

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