Advance – SW900 Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper


Advance SW900 Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper


Advance’s mid-size walk-behind industrial sweeper, the SW900 is designed for demanding applications manufacturing, food processing, schools, sidewalks and warehouses.

The SW900 is all about simplicity in design, operation and maintenance. Controls are easily accessible from the operator’s position and the new propulsion control bar means the machine can be run with just one hand. Brooms and filters can be accessed without tools for easy replacement and maintenance.

With a sweep path of 41-inches, the battery powered SW900 can clean up to 50,850 square feet in a single hour and features an energy efficient design which provides 3 hours of run time. Recharging the SW900 is easy thanks to its built-in on-board charger. Just plug it into any regular power outlet.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use the SW900 has a large hopper capable of 2.1-cubic feet of debris (up to 65-pounds), and thanks to an intuitive design, is easily removed and dumped with a single hand.

The sweeper’s main broom has a direct throw design for maximum effectiveness and cleaning power, while the dual independently controlled side brooms provide excellent edge cleaning and dust-free cleanup of debris. The SW900 also features wet sweep bypass, which protects the filter in wet conditions.

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