Big Joe – E30 eTruck Electric Pallet Jack

Big Joe E30 eTruck Electric Pallet Jack


The patent-pending Big Joe E30 Electric Pallet Truck, also called the “eTruck,” is the revolutionary solution for anyone thinking of upgrading from a manual to a motorized pallet jack. Designed to comfortably handle loads up to 3,000 pounds, the E30 is a highly mobile yet economical choice that delivers enhanced performance all day long.

Ideal for light to medium-duty distribution centers, warehouses, storefronts, and delivery services, the E30 is the same size as a comparable manual pallet jack and can run continuously for over 4.5 hours on a single charge. The E30 can go anywhere a hand jack can go, and the extra-long duty cycle means you can do the work of an entire shift without recharging.

A maintenance-free permanent magnet drive motor and smooth hydraulics provide efficient, quiet operation. Conveniently located thumb controls allow the operator to engage the drive motor and activate lifting or lowering functions without ever taking his or her hands off the handle. Tiller-style steering, meanwhile, provides effortless pinpoint turning and positioning.

The E30 Electric Pallet Truck is a total package that will eliminate the word “fatigue” from your vocabulary. No more lugging, dragging, or hard pumping — just the efficiency of the most versatile motorized pallet jack on the market. Contact us today for pricing or to learn more about what this product can do for your business.

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