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Big Joe – WRT60 Electric Rider Pallet Truck

Big Joe WRT60 Electric Rider Pallet Truck


Move more, do more. The 6,000-pound capacity Big Joe WRT60 Riding Pallet Jack shortens the distances in your warehouse or large facility by putting the operator onboard with the load. End-control steering, ergonomic design, and low maintenance make this truck the safest and most productive of its class.

Featuring a 9 mph top speed, the WRT60 Riding Pallet Truck can move material faster and more efficiently than walk-behind trucks or larger rider units.But speed is useless without reliability, which is why the WRT60 is built tough.With heavy-duty steel construction and the highest quality parts, this truck is designed to take whatever your applications can throw at it.

The WRT60 features a large stand-up operator platform with a microcellular rubber floor mat for maximum comfort. An ergonomic, user-friendly control system allows the operator to keep his or her hands on the handle at all times — whether it’s lifting a load, transporting a pallet, using the horn, or speeding to the next task. These features greatly enhance operator and load safety while increasing productivity.

Productivity, dependability, and cost: These considerations are front-and-center in every aspect of the WRT60’s design. If you need a powerful, versatile, and highly mobile ride-on pallet jack that you can count on every day, then this is the investment for you. Please contact us today for pricing or to learn more about how this truck can transform your business.

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