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Columbia – MVP Custom Platform Truck

Columbia MVP Custom Platform Truck


Like any MVP, this electric work truck can really do it all.

Columbia’s most versatile vehicle, the MVP (multi-vehicle platform) is highly customizable, with endless amounts of configurations and options. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

The MVP boasts seating from two all the way up to 14 passengers with the optional Tram Package and features bucket seating, standard headlights, hydraulic brakes, and semi-independent suspension.

The steel box beam frame is built to withstand heavy-duty daily use, and with a standard 76″ bed length and 6,000-pound capacity, you can haul a lot of heavy-duty material.

Even with all that power, the MVP can still travel up to 30 miles without recharging thanks to its eight, 6 volt batteries.

Choose from options like an in motion beeper, hour meter, power seats, horn, seat belts, a steel bad with doors and countless others.

Spec Sheet