UniCarriers Forklift – G04 IC Pneumatic Forklift

UniCarriers Forklift

UniCarriers Forklift G04 IC Pneumatic Forklift


A heavy-duty pneumatic tire lift truck, the GO4 Series drives productivity higher while keeping operators comfortable and in control throughout a long shift.

The GO4 Series is built to tackle tough applications like lumberyards, construction, recycling or other heavy manufacturing operations that demand rugged, large capacity material handling equipment. Contact H&K Equipment to find out more about our comprehensive engine protection system and fuel saving features.

Applications: Lumberyards, Brickyards, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Recycling


UniCarriers TB45 (4.5 liter) electronic fuel injected engine
UniCarriers TD42 (4.2 liter) diesel industrial engine
EPA Tier II compliant (Tier III for Diesel)
Engine/transmission protection & warning system
Seat-actuated Operator Presence System
Spacious operator compartment
Floating power train and full suspension seat
Hydrostatic power steering
Multifunction LCD display with on-board diagnostics
Programmable service reminder
Operator PIN access
Exclusive single lift and tilt control lever
Five-piece, reinforced overhead guard
Non-slip, cushioned floor mat
Hydraulic boosted brakes

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