UniCarriers Forklift – Platinum BX Electric Forklift

UniCarriers Forklift

UniCarriers Forklift Platinum BX Electric Forklift


The BX Platinum Series offers a variety of operator conveniences for enhanced comfort and increased productivity, including a full suspension cloth seat with weight and back-angle adjustment, hip restraint and retractable seat belt. A compact front cowl design offers generous leg and foot room along with a wide entry step. Its infinitely adjustable steering column enhances operator comfort.

The BX Platinum Series’ AC TECH controller offers Flex-logic acceleration control which enables the truck to respond according to the speed with which the pedal is depressed, allowing more accurate, precise control by the driver. The hydraulic, AC powered, steering system reduces operator effort, for easier maneuvering, while a hydraulic load sensing valve diverts fluid for priority to the steering system.

Applications: Manufacturing, Warehousing & Distribution, Bottling


100% AC brushless motor system
LCD monitor with on-board diagnostics
Three pre-set operating modes
PIN access codes
On-demand, hydraulic power steering
Adjustable power-off feature
Regenerative braking efficiencies
Full suspension seat
Reduced rollback, cushioned stability control
Five-piece, reinforced overhead guard
U.L. ‘ES’ rated
Pneumatic tire optional on selected capacities
Variety of options available for chassis

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