UniCarriers Forklift – Platinum SCX Stand-Up Electric Forklift

UniCarriers Forklift

UniCarriers Forklift Platinum SCX Stand-Up Electric Forklift


The Platinum SCX Series offers a variety of operator conveniences for enhanced comfort and increased productivity. The low step height is ideal for operators whose daily tasks require repeatedly getting on and off the truck throughout the shift. The operator compartment’s side stance design provides for comfortable forward or reverse driving, and includes a gently sloped floorboard, providing a relaxed driving position.

The SCX Series offers uniquely comfortable driving due to its floorboard design, which floats on vibration isolators, effectively dampening the effects of riding over dock plates or floor joints. Also included is an anti-fatigue cushioned floor mat for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

Applications: Shipping/Receiving, Manufacturing, Warehousing/Distribution


100% AC brushless motor system includes hydraulic motor
Also dual drive motors
Operator password for secure access
Three pre-set operating modes
Auto self-check at start-up and during operation
Quiet, load sensing hydraulic power steering
Ergonomic, multi-function handle and arm cushion
Soft mode auto speed reduction limits travel
Tilts under certain driving conditions
Controlled rollback with ramp hold
On-board diagnostics and error reporting
Dual foot pedal design
Low step height for easier entry/exit
Cushioned floorboard mounted on vibration isolators
Variety of options available for chassis

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