UniCarriers Forklift – Platinum SRX Narrow Aisle Forklift

UniCarriers Forklift

UniCarriers Forklift Platinum SRX Narrow Aisle Forklift


The Stand Up SRX reach truck delivers the best performance in the reach truck industry at an economical cost. Stand Up Reach trucks are the most efficient units to utilize in Pallet Storage systems so you can maximize your storage per sq ft and put away and retrieve products in minimal time. These units come with the most efficient electrical systems so you can operate longer per charge and work in a variety of environments. We stock these in a variety of sizes and ages so you can have the best unit for your application at the lowest cost.

The Platinum SRX Series offers a variety of operator conveniences for enhanced comfort and increased productivity. Entry and exit is simplified due to a low step height, resulting in less operator fatigue. Its open compartment design includes a wrap-around console including an integrated clipboard holder and storage cup. The truck’s side stance design provides comfortable forward or reverse driving, and includes a gently sloped floorboard, offering a relaxed driving position.

The operator platform includes a wide, dual-pedal system for greater operator control. Its brake release pedal is on the left, with an operator presence pedal on the right.

*Single-Reach – Rated at 3,500 to 4,500lbs.
*Double-Reach – Rated to 3,000lbs.

Applications: Manufacturing, Warehousing & Distribution


AC drive motor, AC hydraulic pump motor
AC motor controlled with built-in self-diagnostics
On-demand electronic power steering
Tiller control
Multi-function control handle
Adjustable operator backrest cushion
90° operator side stance with low step height
Anti-fatigue arm, knees and back padding
Battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt
Four individual hour meter readings
Steer tire position indicator
Optional equipment extras

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