Viper – AS530 Rider Micro Rider Floor Scrubber

Viper AS530 Rider Micro Rider Floor Scrubber


With the AS530 Micro Rider Scrubber from Viper you can finally afford to upgrade from walk-behind to rider.

Touting the Viper adage of simple, rugged, affordable, the AS530 is built to provide a no-hassle commercial-grade cleaning experience.

The AS530 is built to handle daily commercial use in a variety of applications. Its heavy duty front bumper and solid construction help prevent external damage, yet daily operation and maintenance is easy thanks to the the user-friendly dashboard, easy to use mechanical lift systems, large opening recovery tank, ergonomic seat and onboard charger.

With a 20-inch cleaning path and excellent maneuverability, the AS530 is compact enough to use in places a larger rider couldn’t go and at only 69 decibels, its quiet enough for daytime cleaning, even around foot traffic.

The AS530 outputs 55-pounds of brush pressure at 160 RPM, ample power for cleaning a variety of floor types like tile, vinyl, sealed wood, marble and concrete.

Why settle for a walk-behind? The compact yet rugged Viper AS530 is the perfect entry level rider scrubber for all your commercial cleaning needs.

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