Zephir – Crab 5000 E Heavy-Duty Electric Railcar Mover


Zephir Crab 5000 E Heavy-Duty Electric Railcar Mover


The largest, most powerful unit in the CRAB line is the Zephir 5000 E. With a weight of 9.9 tons, a max towing capacity of 1040 tons, an unloaded rail speed of 4.9 mph and a max load speed of 1.8 mph, this model was built to haul heavy railcars in a variety of settings. It is intended to be operated indoors in factories, railway workshops, store houses and a variety of other applications.

The all electric Zephir 5000 E has 40 2V cells of battery power. To ensure maximum operating efficiency, it features an on-board battery charger and a centralized battery filling system with visual floating indicators to gauge the battery fluid level. Charging time typically takes less than 8 hours, allowing you to work more and charge less.

To enhance safety, long-term usability, and applicable traction, the Zephir 5000 E is fitted with 20.4” diameter rail wheels with steel guidance flanges and a replaceable high traction rolling surface.

Features and Accessories

Radio remote controls, interlock, ground operator safety remote control
Heating and Air Conditioning
Pneumatic braking system
“Artic pack” to protect against cold climates
Custom paint and stickers available
Extended warranty
Wide variety of hooks, couplers and tow bars
Short-circuit signaling system along with distance proximity sensors

Spec Sheet