Operator Safety Training

At Taylor Northeast, we believe that safety is the most important part of the job. That is why we provide comprehensive courses on forklift operator safety to our equipment customers: To keep your employees protected, accountable, and educated.

Did you know? Forklifts are involved in nearly 100,000 workplace accidents each year — roughly 11% of the U.S. operable fleet — and many of those incidents are deadly. But with proper training, up to 70% of these accidents can be avoided, which is why OSHA requires that any employee who operates an industrial truck complete an approved operator forklift training program and be reevaluated at least once every three years.

Taylor Northeast also offers a hands-on train-the-trainer program. Once an employee has completed this course, he or she will have the training and know-how necessary to authorize other members of your staff to safely operate forklifts.

Please note: Our programs are designed for our equipment customers and existing businesses only. We do not offer personal training at this time.

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Forklift Operator Training

Our OSHA-compliant forklift operator training courses teach your operators the ins and outs of forklift safety through in-person presentations, videos, and a written evaluation.

Operators are also tasked with performing pre-trip inspections and passing a hands-on driving assessment on forklifts specific to their facility.

Per OSHA standard 1910.178, operator certification should be renewed at least every three years.

Marina Lift Truck Operator Training

Also Our marina lift truck operator training course also covers your business for OSHA 1910.178.

With a combination of classroom and hands-on learning, students are taught the skills necessary to safely pick and transport boats around your marina.

Once operators complete testing, which takes roughly 3.5 hours, they are certified and compliant under OSHA regulations for up to three years of operating a marina forklift.

Aerial Lift Training

Stay compliant with ANSI A92 standards with Taylor Northeast’s mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) safety training course.

Per OSHA, any employee that comes in contact with a MEWP, such as boom lifts, scissor lifts, or telehandlers, while on the job site must be authorized. This includes operators, occupants, maintenance personnel, and site supervisors. Make sure your employees are covered.

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Jockey Truck Safety Training

In this 3.5 hour course, trainees are taught safe procedures in accordance with the equipment manufacturer. Attendees will spend time learning the finer points of yard trucks via in-person presentation, video, and a written evaluation.

This course focuses on OSHA-compliant authorization for off-road terminal tractors under OSHA standard 1910.178.

Make sure your employees are covered. To learn more about Taylor Northeast’s terminal tractor safety training course, contact us today.

For companies that prefer a more hands-on approach, our train-the-trainer forklift program helps your team assist in maintaining a safe and compliant work environment.

Upon completion of this course, per OSHA guidelines, the attendee will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to teach and certify in-house employees on how to safely operate a forklift.

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