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Taylor Northeast is the primary dealer for Taylor lift trucks in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast and is one of the top providers of Taylor products in the country. No one has better access or experience with these standard-setting machines than we do.

With a wide range of material handling equipment including lift trucks, container handlers, and more, you’ll find the Taylor Big Red emblem wherever you find lift trucks doing serious work.

The Taylor GT line of forklifts is ideal for users handling loads up to 18,000 pounds. For larger loads, Taylor offers an array of pneumatic and cushion tire industrial lift trucks with load centers up to 48 inches and lift capacities of up to 125,000 pounds.

In addition to a wide variety of lift trucks, Taylor also produces the best engineered container handlers and reach stackers in the business. If you’re looking to increase the productivity and safety of your container yard, stevedoring, or port operations, Taylor Machine Works has the equipment you need.

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GT Series Forklifts

Engineered from the ground up to increase the efficiency of your material handling operations, the Taylor GT series of forklifts is ideal for users handling loads at 18,000 LBS or less.

Guaranteed to get the job done and available in 13 different builds, GT forklifts have 24-inch load centers with maximum lift capacities ranging from 4,000 – 18,000 pounds. 

Industrial Lift Trucks

Made in America and manufactured to withstand the rigors of industrial workplace applications, Taylor lift trucks simply outperform the competition. 

With 24-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch load centers and varying lift capacities of up to 120,000 LBS, we will pair you with the perfect lift truck for your specific application.

Whether you need a high-capacity forklift outfitted with pneumatic tires to haul stacks of milled lumber or a unit with cushion tires to transfer steel slabs from plant to plant, a Taylor lift truck is guaranteed to get the job done.

intermodal and port

Essential pieces of equipment at ports across the globe, Taylor produces a variety of container handlers and reach stackers to improve the day-to-day effiencies of your port operations.

Available in top-pick and side-pick builds, Taylor manufactures empty and loaded container handlers, as well as reach stackers, to ensure cargo is off-loaded and organized as efficiently as possible.

log and pipe handlers

A fixture in the logging and pipeline industries for decades, Taylor Machine Works engineers their equipment to withstand the rough and tumble environments in which they operate.

A wide variety of lifting attachments available to fit your specific needs, Taylor log and pipe handlers are versatile, tough, and reliable pieces of equipment.

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