Trackmobile mobile railcar movers are the most innovative machines in the industry, with higher operational efficiency, lower maintenance costs, longer service life, and a better safety record than other equipment in the market.

With nearly 70% of the U.S. and 65% of the global market share, Trackmobile is the recognized worldwide leader in railcar moving. As an authorized dealer, Taylor Northeast is proud to offer the complete Trackmobile fleet: The Spartan, Atlas, Titan, Hercules, and Viking.

In addition to the full Trackmobile product line, Taylor Northeast also offers service packages, parts support, and operator training — everything you need to streamline your business.

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And for green alternatives, consider an electric railcar mover from Zephir or a LEAF GenSet Locomotive from Railserve.

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The new Spartan railcar mover is the most compact in Trackmobile’s product line, making it perfect for lower duty cycle applications where reliability is of the utmost importance. Despite its smaller stature, the Spartan is equipped with many of the same industry-leading safety and ergonomic features as larger Trackmobile units. 

The Spartan has a tractive effort of 21,750 pounds when single coupled and 26,000 pounds when double coupled.


The largest, most powerful mobile railcar mover from Trackmobile, the Atlas is in a class all its own, weighing in at 83,500 pounds.

The Atlas has a tractive effort of 43,900 pounds when single coupled and a tractive effort of 60,200 pounds when double coupled.

The gold standard of mobile railcar movers, the Trackmobile Atlas is recognized worldwide for its versatility and power.


The definition of the term “workhorse,” the Titan mobile railcar mover is Trackmobile’s most popular model and has been since 2006.

Available with or without Ad-Trac, a technology that increases tractive effort with the use of a sensor-activated third wheel axle, the Titan railcar mover has single and double couple tractive efforts of up to 38,000 pounds and 52,000 pounds, respectively.


Much like its namesake, the Hercules mobile railcar mover is strong, agile, and almost unstoppable.

A midsize entry in the Trackmobile lineup, the Hercules is capable of tractive effort of 28,400 pounds when single coupled and 44,700 pounds when double coupled.

Perfect for moving long lines of cars in densely packed railyards, you would be hard pressed to find a more capable, compact unit working today.


Weighing 34,400 pounds, the Trackmobile Viking was engineered to excel in low duty cycle applications. The sleek, compact design allows the Viking to easily navigate crowded railyards and facilities.

The Viking has a tractive effort of 27,000 pounds when single coupled and a tractive effort of 42,700 pounds when double coupled.

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