From gym locker rooms to heavily trafficked shopping malls, Viper commercial-grade floor scrubbers provide an affordable cleaning solution for businesses of all sizes.

The cost-effective and simplified, no-nonsense design delivers a powerful clean from a reliable piece of equipment that is built to get the job done.

Taylor Northeast is proud to offer our customers a range of floor cleaning equipment for any environment and budget from product lines like Viper and our flagship line from Advance.

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Walkie Scrubbers

Available in a number of models, walk-behind floor scrubbers from Viper provide customers with a no-frills, cost-effective alternative for a variety of cleaning applications.

Viper engineers their walk-behind scrubbers to efficiently clean small-to-medium scale facilities without all the bells and whistles often associated with more expensive floor cleaning equipment.

Ride-on Scrubbers

Viper’s ride-on scrubbers are manufactured to provide customers with access to affordable, reliable machines to keep their facilities clean.

Ride-on scrubbers can be outfitted with cylindrical or disc scrub heads, ensuring there is a Viper for all of your floor cleaning needs.

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