Zephir electric railcar movers are unlike anything else on the market. Founded in 1969, Zephir has long been the European leader in railroad shunting and towing locomotives. Now part of the Marmon Group, makers of Trackmobile mobile railcar movers, the innovative Zephir line of railcar movers is available in the United States for the first time.

Featuring two distinct lines — the maneuverable CRAB and the powerful LOK E — Zephir railcar movers range from 300 to 1,040 tons of pulling capability. Powerful and eco-friendly, Zephir movers are 100% electric, which means no harmful pollutants are emitted during operation. That makes these battery-powered railcar movers a great fit for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Nothing beats the utility of a Zephir mobile railcar mover, and nobody beats Taylor Northeast in sales, service, and parts support. Go to the road, to rail, and back again from application to application, saving you time and money over switching locomotives. Contact Taylor Northeast today at 1-800-762-2500 to learn more.

Electric Railcar Movers

Powerful, all-electric CRAB and LOK lines with towing capacities up to 3,200 tons.